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360 Pano Tour FAQ'S
for a 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour

Below are the answers to some of the 360 panoramic virtual tour questions that many of our clients have asked us. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please email us, fill in our contact form or give us a call at (610) 889-0411.

What is a 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour?
A computer generated 360 panoramic image that is created by stitching together a certain number of photographs. It creates a feeling that a person is actually standing in one location and can view everything around them.

Why would my real estate company or business want a virtual tour?
A 360 panoramic tour allows visitors to get the feeling that they are actually standing at your place of business looking around. For realtors it cuts down meeting time, because potential home buyers, get a much better idea of what the property and rooms look like.

How do I get a 360° Virtual Tour?
Please call 610 889-0411, e-mail us or fill in our contact form to schedule an appointment and get a specific quote.

How much does it cost?
You can see our rates on the pricing/specials page. For more in-depth projects and for realtors who want multiple 360 panoramic real estate tours, we will need to schedule a meeting and discuss all of the details of your project to give an accurate cost.

How long does it take to get a 360° Virtual Tour?
Turn-around time is typically a week or less depending on the amount of panoramic 360 images that we have put together.

Do I need to host my own panoramic virtual tour?
No, we can host the panoramic tour and have a window pop-up from your website, we can setup the tour on your website for you or we can register and host a domain for you and place the tour on your website.

How long does it take to shoot a virtual tour at our location?
It usually takes about an hour for a photographer to shoot a virtual tour of 5 scenes granted that you have the establishment ready for the photo shoot at the time of the appointment.

May I decide what shots I want in my 360 panoramic virtual tour?
Absolutely, it is your place of business and you may choose any rooms or locations to be represented in the virtual tour of each property. Exterior shots are weather permitting.

Does someone have to be present during the photo shoot?
No one has to be present during the shooting of your virtual tour, provided you have let us know what areas that you want photographed at your place of business.

How far will you travel to shoot a virtual tour?
We mostly take panoramic 360's in Chester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia, but will travel to outside areas including Delaware, New Jersey and surrounding areas. If you are interested in our service and are not within these areas, give us a call and we can discuss minimal compensation for travel expenses.

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