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360 Pano Tour Process
for our 360 Panoramic Virtual Tours

Below is information on the typical process it takes in creating a 360 panoramic tour for your business. Time depends on the amount of panoramic images that you need for the real estate property or your place of business.

The Initial Consultation
When you initially contact us, we will discuss your project, the fees, time involved it will take to complete the panoramas and the way it is to be presented online to visitors on your web site.

Location Shoot
We will need for you to have your place of business ready for the shoot. You will need to have the areas that will be included in the tour, clean and clear of people. It is best for our photographers to take the photos in the early morning or late afternoon, before sundown. It usually takes about an hour for a photographer to shoot a virtual tour of 5 scenes granted that you have the establishment ready for the photo shoot at the time of the appointment. No one from your company has to be present during the shooting of your virtual tour, provided you have let us know what areas that you want photographed at your place of business.

Production Time
Back to the studio with the photographs where our designers stitch the wide angle photographs together using a program on the computer. We then create a custom designed web page that includes your logo and company colors. And then we add all of the links, panoramic images and any other information that you want included and create the virtual tour presentation site.

Full 360 Panoramic Tour process
  - Evaluation of your project goals
- Acceptance of costs involved
- Scheduling the panoramic photo shoot
- Taking the photos at your location
- Production work at our office
- Creating the Panorama(s) and virtual tour(s)
- Online preview with client approval
- Delivery of final Internet ready panorama(s) and virtual tour(s)
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email, calling (610) 889-0411 or filling in our contact form.
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